Thursday, October 1, 2015


Welcome to Bespoke Mathematics! Here's the deal: My 1st-grader tells me shortly after the beginning of the school year that she would really like some more homework. In particular, she'd be very excited if she could finally have some math homework. If the math homework could also be less about counting and adding small numbers together, that would also be good.

The result is what you see here. This is a (growing) collection of short and hopefully fun homework assignments that I thought my daughter would like. Each one has about 3 main questions, which range from the purely fun and speculative to more sophisticated challenges. In each case, I've tried to introduce some fun piece of mathematics that kids are unlikely to see in a standard grade-school curriculum. Each homework assignment has an answer key (often with a few extra questions for fun) and I'll also try to include links to interesting supporting material as I'm able.

Please feel free to share these with anyone who may enjoy them! I'd also love to hear comments, suggestions, or ideas for homework topics. Finally, please feel free to point out any errors in the text, particular difficulties reading my somewhat spindly handwriting, or other issues with the problem sets.


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