Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mismatching Sock Monsters! - HW4

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Link to Answer Key

Still more socks, but a new set of ideas in this problem set.

With the arrival of Grufftina and Boofinski's siblings, we meet some monsters who don't like matching socks. This (of course) gets us thinking about combinatorics: How many ways can we have a mismatching set? What conditions will we place on sets to be considered different from one another?

Like what we did in HW1, I think experimentation is a key feature of these problems. Actually trying to draw as many sets as you can is a good way to start, especially if you can start thinking about a strategy for how to keep track of what you've done. The core ideas about how to multiply everything together to compute combinations and permutations may be a little tough for some younger kids, but thinking about how to organize the sets of socks they draw may get across the important ideas. Answer key coming soon! UPDATED: The Answer Key for this pset is now available.

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