Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pokemon Algebra!

Link to PSet
Answer Key: Pending

It's been a while! In the meantime, 2nd grade has involved learning a good bit of new mathematics, including some practice with multiplication. The word "Algebra" has also been floated a few times, so I was asked to write a problem set that had something to do with this and perhaps more importantly, something to do with Pokemon.

Ideally, it should have something to do with Snorlax.

Actually, if it could include Munchlax as well, that would be good, too.

I never know what's going on.

Anyway, this PS doesn't quite get you to what most of you think of as proper algebraic stuff, but it does involve coming up with multiple solutions to an equation in two variables and plotting some lines to help you solve a system of equations. I'll try and follow this up soon with something that involves working with variables and manipulating equations, but I always really liked graphing stuff, so I thought we'd start there. Enjoy!

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